Persuasive writing passage

Read the following passage taken from a Letter to the Editor in a local newspaper:

“In my opinion bank customers are getting a raw deal. Not only do they have to put up with the banks upping the fees whenever they feel like it but they can’t even afford to buy a home. If you think about it it’s a wonder that more customers don’t withdraw their money from the bank and stash their cash under the bed. The government makes promises they can’t keep and the likes of you and I end up paying for their mistakes. Australians unite! Let’s make a stand against unfair fees and interest rate rises”.

Rewrite the passage applying the criteria below. You are expected to provide facts you have researched to support any statements you make.

You must produce a draft version and a final copy for this task.

 Be objective
 Use appropriate language (no patronising or offensive words)
 Avoid making generalisations (statements not supported by research)
 Avoid making subjective statements (personal opinions)
 Provide facts and supporting evidence
 Provide a conclusion that supports the argument
 submission of a draft that clearly identifies document purpose

Your list of sources of information may include:
• internet
• film, television, radio
• newspapers eg The Australian
• government departments
• industry journals
• computer data
• personal observations and experience

Suggested website:
* Google news – articles that refer to Australia only.

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