Paraphilias (Psychology of mental Health and illness)

Expectation: Is to research, write and present a professional paper on efficiency of websites related to the topic(Paraphilias). Research academic references that address the topic(you can use the DSM V and other academic sources. Critically analyze whether the information provided on the information sources are accurate, sensitive, clearly written and helpful or not(and to whom. Look at similarities and differences between the information you have researched through the DSM V and additional academic sources and the internet sources. Lastly, identify what sites you would recommend in five scenarios. PAPER OUTLINE: 1)Introductions- a)What you will be covering in your paper/purpose of paper. b) Your topic- definition/diagnosing criteria. 2) Evaluations: You are to research internet information sources and provide 5 different websites for the 5 different scenarios. Scenario 1) A parent or a relative who has just found out that their child (or relative has been diagnosed with paraphilia and are looking for more information on it. Scenario 2) A colleague who is looking for up to date researched facts on treatment, etiology and prognosis on this disorder. Scenario 3) A child or youth, who has been diagnosed with paraphilias and as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner, are providing them with this site to enhance their knowledge, comfort level and understanding of their new diagnosis. Scenario 4)You. As a Child and Youth Care Practitioner working with a new client comes in with this disorder and you are looking for information that will assist you in enhancing your knowledge, understanding and support when working with someone diagnosed with your chosen disorder. Scenario 5) No one. A website that is not sensitive, misinformative, lack research and was not up to date. For each scenario provide a summary of the internet source content. Why you would recommend this specific websites(content focused, relate to research)and why you would not recommend the website only for #5. Highlight the strengths of the websites(user friendly). Identify the areas of weakness(content focused, relate to research). Outline things that could be improved upon (user friendly). CONCLUSION: Conclude the paper. What you found academically strong. Additional information you found during this research. Sites you would/wouldn’t recommend. I am looking for a critically, well structured and professionally written parer that will wow my professor. This paper is very important to me, pls approach it as such and follow my instructions. To further guide the writer regarding my expectations, I will attach a copy of the rubric.IMPORTAN

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