Parable paper: analysea a narrative or visual cliché in advertising

Drawing on Roland Marchand’s text “The Great Parables,” you are to identify a narrative or visual cliché in advertising from a single decade between 1900-1990, and to analyze it as a ‘parable’ along the lines established by Marchand. You need to go beyond simply identifying the parable or narrative; you are expected to analyse its larger meaning in relation to its historical period.

**Your parable must NOT be one of those discussed by Marchand: you are expected to identify and develop your own parable***

In choosing your 2-3 examples of ads, you will likely want to consult the book series All-American Ads (Taschen books), on reserve at the OCAD library. These include a wide range of print advertisements, and are helpfully separated by decade.*You must indicate a source for your ad examples (where you found them); if you are including a tv/online clip in your examples, please provide a URL so that I can access the ad.

In an essay , you will:

Identify and describe your chosen ‘parable’ or ‘visual cliché’;
Analyse 2-3 ads from your chosen decade in terms of how they express this parable;
Give some historical context/background through which we can understand the power of this parable at the time;
Briefly discuss the significance and contemporary life of this parable. Is it still with us? Does it take a different form today? Why?

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