Organizations survival strategies and 2. The challenge of change

1. Organizational survival strategiesOption A: Hospitals frequently seek ways to ensure survival. Sometimes an adversarial climate cannot be
avoided when the action that is being considered is controversial. For example, a hospital may seek to expand its
market reach by opening an inpatient drug treatment facility in a small suburban township. The county where the
township sits has seen a steady rise in heroin addiction, as well as an increase in hepatitis cases. As a manager,
identify the three possible categories of clients within this new clientele network. Give at least one example of a
client for each category and explain the reason for your decision.
2.The Challenge of Change. Change is usually positive, but it can also be difficult to
embrace at times. Employees can be resistant to change, while managers may feel that it is necessary for
organizational stability. Discuss the challenge of change as it relates to health care organizations. What is the
overall impact of change on the organization, its employees, and its constituents, and what role does the manager
play as an agent of change? In addition to responding to these questions, review the examples of successful
change in your textbook and choose two examples to discuss in greater detail. What did you learn from these
examples? In each case, how did the individuals overcome the barriers to change, and what were the resulting

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