As an organizational development practitioner you have been asked to review a “real” fortune 500 company from the 2013 list, (

1.Research the company’s products/services, its employee base, benefits program, etc.

2.Write a 5 page paper (excluding the cover and reference pages)

3.Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 5 slides) summarizing your paper.

The paper must contain the following:

•Name of your “consulting firm”(make it FUN)

•Overview of the company you selected: A company history, the number they are on the list” and some financial information (VERY basic).

•Describe the major change you have decided to implement. Why is the change needed?

•Describe how you plan to implement the change. Develop an effective and efficient plan to manage this change. Decide how this will be done without major disruption to the entire workforce.

•Please select at least 1 OD intervention to assist in the change (see your text) and follow the activities contributing to Effective Change Management


•Your text is an excellent source for this assignment but it will be necessary to consult at least three other CURRENT (within 7 years) scholarly reference(s) (books, scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers etc.)

•Valid web pages may be used for additional sources only.  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable resource!

•You must use the APA format as outlined in the 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Examples of this format are available on the Wilmington University library web page, in the APA style guide, and in Blackboard under the “Web Resources” link.

You must cite throughout your paper (direct and indirect quote), if you do not, your paper will not be acceptable! If you do not cite where you received your ideas you are in fact plagiarizing.

PowerPoint Presentation:

•Use bullet points to summarize your paper, you do not need to include all details.

•Keep your slides informative but be creative.


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