online identity

1- Introduce yourself on your blog: BIO (about 150-200 words)
• what degree and major you’re enrolled in(last year of IT)
• why you’re taking this unit(Social Technology)? (what do you hope to get out of it?)
• your favourite online space
• your favourite offline space
• one fun thing you did on the weekend
• your favourite entertainment medium and the last thing you watched / played / listened to / read / etc.

2- Your task is to reflect on how you manage your online identity now, and how you will manage it during the semester. The following prompt questions will help you to frame your thinking, but you are not limited to only these questions.
• Do you have different identities in different online spaces?
• Are you going to connect with your peers and the teaching team in other online spaces? Or would you prefer to keep interactions about the unit on the unit site?
• How much do you disclose about yourself online? Is your disclosure different in different online spaces?
• Do you ever use a pseudonym or post anonymously in social media? Where? When? Why?no
• Do you have any concerns about blogging publicly in this unit?no
This section ,(about 400-450 words)


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