Ogilvy and Mather Case Analysis

I am uploading the case study of Ogilvy and Mather, Case Study Instructions and an example of this assignment in the attachment. Please read the case study of Ogilvy and Mather thoroughly. If you don’t read the case properly then you won’t be able to work on this assignment.
It is very crucial that you read the instructions before you start writing this paper. If you don’t read the instructions then you won’t be able to write a good quality paper. Also, I am uploading an example of this assignment, which you have to use as a guideline for my paper. I want you to follow the exact same format and concept from the sample paper for this paper. I want you to refer to Bob Matha and Macy Boehm’s book called Beyond the Babble as one of your reference for my paper. Make sure you don’t copy or paste anything from the example. Every single word from this paper has to be in your own words. The concept and format should be more or less the same but the words have to be different.
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