Oedipus Rex

make sure to look at Paper Requirements for the specifics on the layout of these papers.

Possible Topics for Paper 2A (remember – these questions are not thesis statements! I give them in the hopes that by answering the question you have found your thesis statement. Do not try to answer ALL of the questions for each play; this is far too much for 3 pages! Instead, answer the first question and then use the other questions as a template to elaborate on your thesis statement.)

Oedipus Rex – What is the lesson in this play? Make sure to use details and quotes from the play to back up

your answer and address the other possible lessons.

Antigone – What kind of larger issues are contemplated through the action of this play? What position does

Sophocles take? Does this reflect issues of his own time?

Medea – Is Euripides the first feminist?

Bacchae – How are we meant to view Dionysus in the play the Bacchae? Is he portrayed in a positive light?

Why or why not; what is Euripides trying to say to the audience?



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