From Module (13), you will have this question:

Pelagic species have many adaptations to avoid being prey including schooling and symbiosis. Describe at least 2 benefits of schooling in fishes. Then, describe the three types of symbiosis and how they differ. Finally, describe at least two other adaptations of pelagic species to avoid being prey.

From Module (14), you will have this question:

List and describe the plant and animal adaptations employed by animals living on a rocky shore (intertidal zone). What are some of the adverse conditions of rocky intertidal zones? What are some organisms’ adaptations to those adverse conditions? Which conditions seem to be most important in controlling the distribution of life?

Short answer questions MUST be answered in complete sentences and your own words. Your answer should be 5-10 sentences in length. You will receive a zero for copied answers or answers that are not grammatically correct.Your answer to short answer questions should fully demonstrate your knowledge of concepts from the modules.



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