Nursing Research

You are a BSN student enrolled in a research course. The instructor has given you the following problem statement: “Do dietary knowledge and eating habits affect participation in regular exercise among hypertensive adult women?” Design the following hypotheses that might be drawn from this problem statement: null, directional, and nondirectional. In order to answer the question, the population and the variables will need to be identified. Once the variables are identified, the distinction among or between independent and dependent variables must be identified.
Question (2):

Read the abstract below and then provide the following information:
1. Identify the population of interest
2. Identify the variables
3. Construct a research question that could have guided this study
4. Construct a null hypothesis
5. Construct a directional hypothesis
Abstract: The aim of this quantitative study was to determine the attitudes of Australian nursing students towards caring for people with HIV/AIDS. This research study was conducted among second year undergraduate nursing students at a university in South Australia, during August 2007. The survey tool consisted of six
demographic questions and the AIDS Attitude Scale. This questionnaire was completed by 396 students, giving a response rate of 94.7%. The vast majority (95.7%) of students participating in this study demonstrated very positive attitudes towards caring for people with HIV/AIDS and only 4.3% demonstrated negative
attitudes. No statistically significant differences were found in attitude score based on participants’ age, gender, previous HIV/AIDS education, previous nursing experience or previous experience of caring for someone with HIV/AIDS. A statistically significant difference in AIDS attitude score was found in relation to participants’ country/region of citizenship, with nursing students from China, East Asia, South East Asia, and Central Asia and Middle East having more negative attitudes than students from other countries/regions. As an increasing number of nursing students have been recruited to Australia from these countries/regions, nurse educators need to be aware of such differences when planning and delivering HIV/AIDS educational programs in tertiary institutions.
QUESTION 3: Obtain an informed consent form from a nursing research study and see if all the elements are present.

QUESTION 4: Prepare a sheet of electronic sources and mark those that are most helpful to nursing.

QUESTION 5: You are a nurse who works in a primary care clinic that treats chronic disease. Many of the elderly patients have diabetes, and you have noticed that some of the patients have more difficulty following their medical regimens than others. You want to develop a research study to investigate this problem. How would you go about doing this? What would be a possible problem statement?
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