Nuclear energy

Debate about mining of Uranium, nuclear power generation and nuclear technology in general, goes in and out of media focus. Risks and benefits involved make sure that the topic stays current. You have been invited by a grade 10 science class to submit an “expert report” relating to a procedure or an application of nuclear technology, which will help them answer a question: “Nuclear energy, is it worth it and does it have a future?”
*you can choose whatever topic you want, i dont mind aslong as the report is written with alot of physics equations*
Compile a report on a topic of your choice (Selected in consultation with, and approved by your teacher). You should include the following sections in your report, where appropriate to the topic:
• Overview of your chosen topic (e.g. what is it used for or why)
• Physics concepts, theories and principles underlying the procedure/application/technology. Make sure to include analysis of limitations and benefits
• Dangers associated with the procedure/application/technology.
• Success rates and future possibilities, including development needed for future, more efficient/safe, application

• Length (word length)- 800 – 1000
• Use support materials such as data, diagrams, flow charts and tables.
• Individualised task.
• All work is to be your own, using your own presentation, language and format.
• Amount of teacher input will be minimal. However questions will be answered.
• Access to materials eg. Internet, library resources, videos
• Support notes and rough drafts may be used


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