Nike Golf Revenue Drop


1. Do background research on Nike Golf and its industry in order to identify a problem, articulate its causes, and write a problem statement.
Problem: Revenue decreasing

2. Develop at least two proposed solutions Nike Golf’s problem.
Use a cost-benefit analysis, or other appropriate tool, to evaluate your proposed solutions and recommend one.
Possible solutions: a. looking at the female market in golf and look into expanding it by seeing how other female markets thrive. EXPAND ON THIS IF POSSIBLE
b. Not sure- need help.

3. Clearly and specifically describe how your recommended solution will be implemented and evaluated by the company.

Begin with an Executive Summary that is no more than 1 page long.
Analysis must make use of a 10-K, an industry profile, and a peer-reviewed article, as well as a variety of other relevant sources that help you take a strong position.
The body of the paper (excluding cover page, executive summary, and reference list) may not exceed 10 pages.
1 page Excecutive Summary
5 pages Research

Problem statement and analysis (6 points):
You demonstrate the ability to construct a
clear and insightful problem statement
using evidence from relevant contextual

Use of evidence (7 points):
Your project draws on a variety of relevant and appropriate research to provide evidence for your claims. You use APA citation style correctly, and effectively use both quotations and paraphrasing to integrate information into your own text.

Problem solving (7 points):
You use a cost-benefit analysis or other appropriate tool to evaluate more than one solution.
Your recommended solution demonstrates creativity and takes into consideration the history of the problem, good reasoning, feasibility, and impact.
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