NASA Case Study

NASA Case Study (Graded)

Read the end-of-chapter case in Chapter 12 of your text and do Internet research on NASA during both disasters, with particular emphasis on the disasters’ effects on the culture. Why do you feel it is so difficult to “sustain” cultural change in a large organization AFTER the immediate effects of a major event like Challenger or Columbia? What role should leadership play in working to “institutionalize” such cultural changes?


Week 7 DQ 2

Cracking the Code of Change: HBR Article (Graded)

Locate and read the HBR article, “Cracking the Code of Change,” in the Online Library. It can be found through a general search in EBSCOhost, in the Harvard Business Review collection, May-June 2000 issue.


Week 7 Assignment:

 Course Project Managing Organizational Change Part 5 (Annotated Bibliography) (2350+ Words)


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