Mortgage Market between Saudi Arabia and USA

Mortgage Market between Saudi Arabia and USA

The Project Layout

Your project should include the followings:
1- An introduction
– Statement of the problem
– Importance of the problem
– Objectives of the study
– Method of analysis
– Organization of the study
2- Theoretical background of the issue
– Definition, Types, Characteristics, Advantages and Disadvantages etc
– Historical background of the case study
3- The Analysis
4- Findings and conclusions
5- References

Following is an example of the Introduction Section

Chapter one

The performance of the stock market is considered one of the most important indicators of the economic development of any country. Stock markets aid economic development and growth through efficient channeling of savings into investment. Almost every country in the world has its stock market, though there are great differences in their degree of development. Nowadays stock markets are integrated and affected by common factors, which can be local, regional, factors and international factors.
* The Statement of the Problem
This research tries to investigate the major factors affecting the performance of Saudi Stock market and US stock market and detect whether the two markets are affected by the same factors and to the same extent.
* The Importance of the Problem
The importance of the problem stems from the importance of securities markets to the economy and the role they played in its development and growth.
* The Objectives of the Study
The objectives of this study are to:
1- Identify the factors that affect the performance of stock markets in Saudi Arabia and US
2- Determine whether these factors are controllable or not.
3- Investigate the impact of these factors on the two markets
You can add more objectives if it is needed as you proceed with your analysis)
* Organization of the Paper
This paper is organized in four chapters. Chapter one is an introductory chapter and includes the statement of the problem, the importance of this problem and the objectives of this study. Chapter two is a theoretical background which includes the importance of the stock market, factors affecting the performance of stock market, and historical background about Saudi stock market and US stock market. Chapter three is the core of the study and it presents the analysis of the factors and how they affect both the Saudi stock market and US stock market. Chapter four is a brief summary of the research with its results and conclusions.

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