Modes of Entry

My presentation topic:

Please look at Table 9.3: Modes of Entry (p. 270). Briefly explain how these different modes work in the logistics industry, and show examples of how they work. (Note that some forms may not work – ok, but say why.)

Find at least one example in your two countries of a logistics company that uses a non-equity mode, and one that uses an equity mode. Explain how these examples work. How strong is the foreign involvement in the logistics industry in the two countries? Is foreign involvement mostly non-equity or equity? Why?

Suppose Agility wants to develop / expand its operations in your two countries. Show several different ways of doing this. Recommend as the best way for Agility to develop your two markets, with justification for why this will work best. (Note: you do not get the option of staying out.) Your best strategy can be different in each country, if necessary.
It is a presentation in 15 min I need a plot about the topic or to be clear a points my two countries is Libya and united kingdom UK Agility as it shown it is a Kuwaiti company it is a logistic company and I attached the pages that is relevant to the topic it is from our books I need a power point without report a slide explain everything I need a the slide contain a pic thanks.

This is the website of agility

if u have any question about my presentation tell me



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