Mini Research Project

In this assignment, you are required to conduct a mini research project in applying the translation theories introduced in this unit into a case study on a piece of Chinese/English translation work. The translation work could be either into or from Chinese. In this project, you are urged to employ other theories than the ones you have reviewed in Task 2 (Theory:Equivalence and the Equivalent Effect). Your assignment should cover
– background of the translation work and relevant theories,
– discussion of the analysis, and
– implications for translation research or practice.

You should devote about one third of your assignment to each of these areas within the word limit of 2,000.
1) Traditional Chinese translation theories

2) Equivalence and equivalent effect

3) Translation as product and process

4) Functional theories of translation

5) Discourse analysis approaches to translation

6) Systems theories

7) Cultural and ideological turns

8) The role of the translator


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