Microprocessors / DEBUG Lab

The purpose of this experiment is to introduce you to a popular 80 x 86 assembly language or machine language utility known as DEBUG. This utility lets you monitor and test programs.

The special software you need (DosBox) as well as the actual DEBUG program are saved in the following ZIP file: See attache files or I will send it to you by email.


1.   Read Appendix D, pages 560 through 575. Perform all the example DEBUG command exercises that are presented.

2.   Here is the DEBUG program you need to enter and execute:


mov ax,0

mov bx,1234

mov cx, 5678

mov dx, 9abc

and ax, bx

or ax, cx

xor ax, dx

not ax




3.   Run DEBUG and enter the program and commands line by line. The blank line after the not ax instruction is needed to get out of the “a” command.

4.   Examine the DEBUG output. The final value in AX should be 333B. This would be a good time to do an Alt + Print Screen to capture a screen shot of the DEBUG window to paste into your lab writeup.

5.   Quit DEBUG and then run it again.

6.   After entering the “a” command, change the first instruction from

mov ax, 0


mov ax, ????

where ‘????’ is your 4-digit birth date. For example, if you were born on July 15, your instruction would be mov ax,0715

Then enter the rest of the instructions and commands.

7.   Use DEBUG to run the modified program. Be sure to perform another Alt + Print Screen to grab the new DEBUG results for your lab write-up.



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