Microprocessor Interface

For the PAC1 counter, which pin is used for the input pulse?

Program PACA to be an event counter. Use 16-bit mode, and display the binary 324325count on PORTB and PORTA continuously. Set the initial count to 20,000.

Page 467, review questions 1–4


In a DAC, input is ______ (digital, analog) and output is _____ (digital, analog).


In an ADC, input is ______ (digital, analog) and output is _____ (digital, analog).


DAC0808 is a(n) ____-bit D-to-A converter.


  • (a) The output of DAC0808 is in ______ (current, voltage).
  • (b) True or false. The output of DAC0808 is ideal to drive a motor.

Page 469, problems 55–60

True or false. DAC0808 is the same as DAC1408.

Find the number of discrete voltages provided by the n-bit DAC for the following:

  • (a) n = 8
  • (b) n = 10
  • (c) n = 12

For DAC1408, if Iref = 2 mA, show how to get an Iout of 1.99 when all inputs are HIGH.

Find the Iout for the following inputs. Assume Iref = 2 mA for DAC0808.

  • (a) 10011001
  • (b) 11001100
  • (c) 11101110
  • (d) 00100010
  • (e) 00001001
  • (f) 10001000

To get a smaller step, we need a DAC with ______ (more, fewer) digital inputs.

To get full-scale output, what should be the inputs for DAC?

Page 703, problems 20–23


What is the purpose of the DAC? How do you interface to the different configurations?


Share your ideas and thoughts on how the digital to analog converter might be used by graduates of your degree program (BMET, CET, EET, REET).


Give at least two specific examples of an Information System.

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