Microelectronics Milestones

Microelectronics Milestones Jaeger’s textbook on page 6 presents a list of important milestones in the evolution of the filed of electronics and microelectronics from 1874 to 2000. The list in your textbook ends in 2000, but the revolution continues. Microelectronics is becoming nano-electronics and the race increases its speed. There’s no denying that the microelectronics revolution of the past few decades has changed our world. Since we are studying microelectronics in this class, I’d like you to identify one milestone that in your opinion could be added to the list in the textbook for years between 2000 and 2015. Please write a short paper identifying the milestone and describing why you think it is the important one. Also, please describe its impact on one area of our lives. This is a very broad area and it might be difficult to choose. Please keep in mind that it is more critical how you describe and support your choice than if your milestone is the most important one. So pick an example of a milestone from 2000 to 2015 that you find interesting, and write the following: 1) describe what is the essence of that milestone event/discovery/invention /new device/new material/new application and why you think it is a milestone. 2) explain how it has changed an aspect of life; 3) discuss what you think about this change, is it for better or worse?

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