Medical care

These statements should be typed, double space and be around 400 words (around 2 pages). Each DOS should include the following:
1) A clear statement of opinion on the specific topic chosen within the first 5 sentences of the DOS.
2) A reference to the results of some economic model that pertains to the specific topic.
3) At least 1 references from peer-review literature that support your opinion (for detailed information see
“Tips” below).
4) A works cited section (not to be considered part of your word count).

Tips • “Peer-reviewed” literature is academic in nature. This excluded newspapers, television reports, blogs, online news agencies, etc. The syllabus has an excellent collection of peer-reviewed articles. (Note:
many of the publications are found on Blackboard but most journal articles are proprietary)
• Economic models include the market model, the Grossman model, probability density functions(must use these models to explain)
Any model I reference in class that pertains to the subject would prove useful.
• There is no need to include a visual representation of the economic model, but rather state the result and how it is derived (e.g. price moves to a point where quantity demanded equals quantity supplied).
• Think about answering these questions when writing your DOS.
o What is my opinion on this topic? o What evidence is there to support my opinion (via economic model or peer-reviewed literature)? o How does this economic model work? / What is the methodology used in the literature referenced? o Is there any weakness in the arguments made by an opposing opinion? Is there evidence of this weakness? o What should policy be focused on in the future to address this issue (in the context of your opinion)?

The 2 DOS count as 20% of your grade (10% for each DOS). Each DOS will be graded out of 100 points according to the breakdown below:

• 30 points possible for usage/description of references
30 points for usage/description of economics/economic models •
• 30 points for quality/strength of defense of opinion
10 points for quality of writing

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