Media and Cultural Criticism

Explain how celebrities and tabloids have a symbiotic relationship. In answering this question, use academic literature to discuss how tabloids and celebrities relate to each other, and paparazzi and invasion of privacy v. freedom of speech.



This essay will try to answer the above question by investigating the notions of celebrity andtabloid newspapers. It will then discuss x. The essay will then look into x. Finally, the essay will discuss x.






What is a tabloid

What is tabloidization


Symbiotic relationship

Find a source that says tabloidsand celebs have a symbiotic relationship



What are they? What is their relationship with celebs? Why are they pursuing them and invading the celebs privacy?


Invasion of privacy vs. freedom of speech

Find a source or more that explains the debate around these issues



Formal requirements:

  1. Draw on no less than 6 academic sources.
  2. Use correct, complete and consistent in-text referencing and a bibliography.
  3. Format your essay in Times New Roman 12pt, justified, and double spaced.
  4. Wordcount: 1000 words
  5. Include an introduction and a conclusion, and use subsections to structure your essay.


Content of the research should include:


Definition of celebrity

Explain tabloidization

Explain relationship celebrities and tabloids

Discuss issues of invasion of privacy and freedom of speech



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