Material lab experiment

Experiment 1 The sample of wall exhibits signs of rising damp, consider the reasons why might this be the case? Identify any contraventions to Part A and C of the Building Regulations Approved Documents. Experiment 2 Is there a relationship between the Lok value and compressive strength of the concretes? Are the rebound number and ultrasonic pulse velocity reliable in determining correlation between the compressive strength of concrete and the surface hardness and pulse velocity? Experiment 3 Why does the Sorptivity of the blocks differ? Is there a linear relationship between the Sorptivity and volume fraction porosity? Experiment 4 Is there a relationship between the depth of carbonation and the water: cement ratio, if yes why if not why not? What will be the depth of carbonation for the concretes after ten years exposure to ambient CO2 levels and what will influence the process?



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