Marketing Plan

In this module, identify a company and a charge (or task) for this marketing research project and conduct situation analysis related to your charge. This is the first step of this cumulative research project. You need to review all four SLPs first in order to better understand the requirements for this project.
Identify a company and a charge for your research project at the very beginning, based on the detailed requirements for this cumulative Session Long Project. The new charge is a hypothetical task, which should be based on one of the company’s existing brands or products. It is also better to identify a new product charge for existing public firms so that you can find enough information for your task. Writer selects one of the following companies and charges.
1. Apple needs to increase its market share for iPhone 7.
2. Samsung wants to introduce a tablet called Galaxy MiniS.
3. New Balance needs to market its Men’s 611 running shoes.
4. Ford needs to have a successful introduction of the 2016 Fusion.
5. Lexus wants to increase the brand awareness of its 2016 Lexus GX466.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Use the following outline to organize your paper. Note that the letters “a, b, c…” and the numbers “i, ii, iii, iv…” and “1, 2, 3, 4…” below are used to show the major issues you need to include in your paper, but should not be used to format your paper.
I. Product Statement (2 pages maximum)
1. Describe the company/organization.
2. Provide brief background of the organization.
3. Describe the business problem and charge you have for this marketing plan.
4. Provide a brief overview of what issue you are studying, and how a marketing perspective can help address the issue.

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