Marathon Report

We participated and volunteered in an marathon in France as Skema students which be held in Nice to Cannes. The organisator firm is ASO ( Azus Sport Organization )

They ask us to present a report which should be;
• For Event Track students – a group analysis of the effectiveness of sporting events (especially marathons) as motivational tools for companies towards their employees and VIP contacts, as well as of the benefits of sponsorship of these events for corporates. The report should incorporate good practice analysis of at least 3 similar events, especially regarding the relationship of event organisers with the corporates taking part or sponsoring the sporting events and your subsequent recommendations to ASO. – 40%, 5 groups of 6
Good practice should include: details of pricing and of benefits for both company relay participation and corporate event sponsorship and number and nature of participating corporates and sponsors, what marketing tools are used to promote the corporate relay teams (website, social media, advertising,; PR etc.) and how these tools are used (content of specific website pages, interaction on social media etc.).

You must quote your sources in the text and provide a list all references used for compiling the report (please use APA style for both). The word count does not include the bibliography of references and any appendices

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