Managing Equality and Diversity at work

Assignment Requirement

Assignment 2 (worth 70%) answer one question from the list for the second teaching period. In addition you are to submit three ‘tweets’ on three of the topics in the second teaching block. The essay question and the tweets should all be on different topics (i.e. you cover 4 topics in total) Word limit 2,500 words for the essay and tweets 140 characters.

This question(s) must reference to the theoretical aspects of the subject and link your answer to the debates surrounding equality and diversity. You answers should also be referenced correctly utilising APA. In addition, you should ensure that the sources you use in your essays are mainly based on academic journal articles or other reputable sources such as government reports.
Assessment criteria Tweets Twitter is an online social networking / micro blogging service and allows users to send, read and resend short text messages. A tweet is made up of 140 characters. For the purposes of the assignment you do not have to join twitter or post to twitter as the submission of your three ‘tweets’ only requires you to submit a hard copy. However, you may find it interesting to join twitter if you have not already done so. 31 Tips on Tweeting

This is the essay question for 2500 words
• Trade Unions play a marginal role in delivering equality for all workers in the workplace. Evaluate this statement?
This is the tweets questions that’s has to be 140 characters each.

• Evaluate the extent to which flexible working promote and reduce discrimination for all staff in the workplace?

• Why is bullying and harassment a diversity issue?

• Evaluate the reasons why employees might consider it legitimate to discriminate on the basis of ‘lookism’ when recruiting, and promoting employees?

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