Managing Cultural Diversity


This is a group assignment I am responsible only for the highlighted sections related to the topic:
The topic is: You are located in Singapore and you are meeting potential partners in Hong Kong

• Introduction-
• Country’s Information Singapore and Hong Kong
• Country’s Culture- Hong Kong
• Country’s Business Etiquette Singapore and Hong Kong
• Compare and Contrast Between the Singapore and Hong Kong
• Hofstede’s Dimensions related to topic- 1 page
• Recommendations – 3 pages
• Conclusion/Summary-. 1 page
• Plus references page
Hofstede’s Dimensions: BUSINESS CUSTOMS AND BEHAVIORS-Inform and Compare: Include information such as greetings, business card usage, gift giving, dress code, color significance, religious significance, communication and negotiation style, attitude toward women workers, attitude toward older workers, etc.

Conclusion/Summary : Please write two pages of changes that need to take place with recommendations.
Additional Internet Sources:


1. The paper should be no more than 5 double spaced pages.
2. Each paper must have at least two sources for each section.
3. The paper should be in APA style format.
4. The paper should have an APA reference page.



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