Magnolia obovata tree seedling.

To loose fertile soil, rich in humus, a neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam advisable, not easy to plant in waterlogging boom, hills, etc.Magnolia obovata tree seedling.
Magnolia Officinalis is featured by magnolia officinalis balk extract, for its functions on anti-tumor and anti-cancer. As the great demand of it, the soil for planting magnolia officinals is the most concern of suppliers of magnolia officinals bark. We would like to share the ways to choose the best soil and how to prevent pests.
It seems wise that plant magnolia officinals in loose fertile soil, rich in humus, and a neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam is also advisable. However, it is not suitable to plant in waterlogging boom, hills, etc.
Sow the seed of magnolia officinals into seedbed with 1 meter width. The seedbed with yellow soil must be 20 cm higher than the normal which be consider easy to drain flooded fields.
Generally, the root of north magnolia officinals is easy to live. Adopting north magnolia officinals is the best choice to graftage, or you can choose the root of magnolia sieboldii, but please remember that scion must be smaller than root you have chosen.
Magnolia officinals may be infected by virus or destroyed by a lot of diseases. Leaf blight is the commonly happens on it, there may be a lot black brown spot on its leaves in the first phase, and the spot extends greatly to the whole body of the leaf, then the leaves dies away. When this situation happens, the first you need do is to pick up the infected leaves and spray bordeaux mixture to kill the virus. Like us on Pureherbextract Twitter, you can get a lot knowledge about magnolia officinals, see you.
Seed sowing in 1 meters wide on the seedbed of to sandy yellow soil, seedbed to 20 cm high, for drainage.October 9 – the fruit matures,Seed kernels per 450 grams, germination rate of 40% to 80%, seed life for 2 years. 

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