LO2 Safeguarding

During the last few years high profile serious case reviews and criminal trials have concluded, which all involved a mother killing one of her children, despite the involvement of several agencies in the child’s life.The first was the case of Daniel Pelka,
a four-year-old living in Coventry who was singled
out for abuse and neglect by his mother and her partner until his death from a blow to the head in March 2012.The second was the case of
Keanu Williams, a toddler living in Birmingham who died with 37 separate injuries on his body, inflicted by his mother in early 2011.The last was the conviction of Amanda Hutton in Bradfor Crown Court for the severe neglect and manslaughter of her four-year-old son Hamzah Khan. The boy’s mummified remains were found in his cot in September 2011, two years after his death in the squalid flat where other children were living
Using the case studies highlighted above use it to answer the following question. 1.Analyse
the strengths and weaknesses in current legislation and policy relating to those vulnerable to abuse
in the case studies above. Cite relevant legislations and policies relating to the case studies 2.Explain what the role of different professionals involved in protecting vulnerable service users in abuse in the case studies above.

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