Literary Criticisms

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Essay one: Your Best Literary Bet

For this first essay assignment, I am asking you to choose the one category of literature you feel most comfortable interpreting in an essay.

Officially, your assignment is to examine a single piece of literature that we have examined in class(stardust novel). By examine, I mean, interpret or in another words I want you to discover the reason for the work. The following should include in this essay.

1.What is the writer/narrator’s larger commentary about existence, identity, or experience in the world?
2.What is the focus of his or her piece?
3.Is there a definitive message, or is the writers contribution more complex?
4.Does this commentary talks back to society at large? For what purpose?
5.What imagery, tropes, motics, themes, symbols, archetypes, pros vs poetry does the writer/narrator use to convey his or her conversation?

Literary piece I want this done on is the novel called Stardust.

I also want you to pair this literary piece to any one literary criticism pieces which I provided below.

Literary Criticisms:
1.Joseph Campbell and Mythology
2.Carl Jung and the Collective Unconscious Criticism
3.Queer Theory
4.Femisist Theroy

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