Literary Criticism

Write an essay on ONE of the following essays from the Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism .


Horace, ‘Ars Poetica’. [NTC: 122-133] .
Pierre Corneille, ‘Of the Three Unities of Action, Time, and Place’. [NTC: 288- 300]
David Hume, ‘Of the Standard of Taste’. [NTC: 392-405] .
Edgar Allan Poe, ‘The Philosophy of Composition’. [NTC: 639-647] . Walter Pater, ‘Studies in the History of the Renaissance’. [NTC 724-730] . György Lukács, ‘The Historical Novel’. [NTC: 909-921] .
Adrienne Rich, ‘Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence’. [NTC: 1591-1609] .
Edward Saïd, ‘Orientalism’. [NTC: 1866-1888] .
Barbara Christian, ‘The Race For Theory’. [NTC 2128-2137]
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