Lifespan Interview Reflection Paper


1. Identify a good interview candidate. The person must be (1) over the age of 18 and (2) at least 20
years older than you or at least 20 years younger. Thus, if you are younger than 38, you must
interview someone older than you.
their consent to be interviewed. If someone refused, be polite and do not press them.
 Once you find a person to interview, set up a time to talk to them face-to-face (Interviews
should be done in person. If there are no other options, Skype is acceptable. Attempt to gain the information for the questions in a conversationlike
format. Students should not just hand the list of questions to the person and ask them
to fill in the answers. If the person is comfortable with it, you may wish to record it.
Otherwise, you should take copious notes.
 Answer the following questions as if you were 50 years old as of todays date:
1. What is your favorite memory of childhood? And of adulthood? Why are these
your favorite memories?
2. What do you think is the best invention that has been developed in your lifetime?
Why is this one the best?
3. If you think about children growing up now, how do you think their experiences
are different from how you grew up? How are they similar?
4. What makes how you are as an adult similar to other adults your age? What about
what makes you different?
5. If you could give all people one piece of advice that you’ve learned in your life so
far, what would it be and why?
 Students can ask additional question they wish.
2. After the interview, each student will write brief reflection paper. Papers should be between 2-3
pages (this count does not including title page; an abstract is not necessary and references are only
necessary if they are used). All papers must be written in APA format. The paper should be
written in narrative format (do not just fill in the answers to the above questions). The paper
should also include the student’s personal reaction to the interview (what was it like to do this
interview? What did you learn?) and the relevance of the interview to the theories
of development.

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