Lena Dunham essay

Essay #4: Lena Dunham’s Creative Nonfiction

Film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcYrT1-SnJg

Writing about Dunham’s film, Boston University film professor Ray Carney observes that “a few minutes into it, magic happens. It gets to the place of truth and stays there.”
In an original, thoughtful, minimum 2 1⁄2-page essay, respond to this reading of the film. What “magic” is Carney referring to? What “truth” does Dunham get to? More importantly, how does she get there?
Describe and discuss in detail any three specific examples/scenes/moments from different places in the film to support your answer.
Include one specific reference to—or quotation from—Dunham’s essay “First Love” somewhere in your response.
Consider the choices Dunham makes…what she chooses to include and not include…keep her (not just the characters in the film) front and center in your discussion.
Include the appropriate Works Cited references at the end of your paper.
30 points possible.
Ella (played by Lena Dunham)
Chris (Ella’s guy friend who sleeps in the same bed with her though they don’t have sex) Carly (Ella’s neighbor whom Ella later finds in bed with Chris)
Edie (Ella’s friend…she smokes; the one she showers next to; they talk together on a
jungle gym)
Ty (the guy who Ella has sex with…he sports Nintendo underwear)


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