learning experiences that develop language, literacy and numeracy.


This is my second placement and it is 20 days long. The school I went to is Browns Plain State High school. This is not a school with very high level of academic achievement.
This portfolio contains two statements of achievement, with evidence, of my ability to meet Standards 2 and 3 in particular.
Standard 2: Design and implement learning experiences that develop language, literacy and numeracy.
Standard 3: Design and implement intellectually challenging learning experiences.
The subject I am teaching is mathematic. In this placement, I took a year 8 maths class with a very high level of academic and a year 10 class with a very low level of academic.

I think standard 3 relates to scaffolding student learning towards higher order thinking. I have plan an activity lesson with my year 8 class doing “marshmallow challenge”. The powerpoint and lesson plan is attached for you. Plz based on this to writer the reflection about standard 3.

And with standard 2, as I am teaching mathematic, so I think numeracy is what need you to focus for.

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