There are two Assignments to complete.

Assignment #1: HR Technology and Leadership

Research technology used in human resource management on the Internet:


  • Take one of the tutorials in HR technology available on the Internet.
  • Describe the technology that was demonstrated for use in HR.
  • Discuss the benefit of this technology as it is applied to human resources.
  • Describe the types of businesses to which this technology would ideally apply.
  • Examine whether the technology you discovered would be a good investment for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. Then discuss reasons as to why or why not.
  • Based on your leadership reading in the Reading area respond to the following:

    To add any appropriate new HR technology to Tim’s which leadership style should Tim ideally use to make this transition from the previous system to the new one successful and why?

View the Assignment #1 rubric. Submit your paper in APA format and citation style. Your paper should be a minimum of 4 pages in length that includes a title page and references page. Submit your Assignment to the Dropbox area in the course.

Assignment #2: Journal Assignment

Topic: Handling a Job Application and Business Legal Compliance

Scenario: An applicant who is 60 years of age and disabled (in a wheelchair) enters the HR Department to apply for a front desk position in a hospital. The hospital has over 400 employees. This position requires that from time to time, the desk person escort the visitor back to the particular department. Discuss how this applicant’s application should be handled.


  • Identify the HR laws involved in this scenario and explain why they would be applicable.

    Explain how to apply these HR laws regarding the applicant’s employment application and your reasoning.

  • Explain how these laws apply to Tim’s Coffee Shoppe.


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