Justice in the News

Department of Philosophy.
Theories of Justice
Length: 300 words.
Referencing: You can use any major system of referencing you wish (e.g. Harvard, Chicago, etc.), as long as you do so consistently.
Aim: The aim of the Justice in the News assessment item is to get you to start connecting some of the theories of justice we will look at in the unit with real-world justice issues. This should help you to connect theory with practice.
Task: Find a news story which raises a justice issue that interests you. Some justice issues include: Poverty, income inequality, refugees, punishment, treatment of minorities, climate change, war, treatment of animals, feminism, worker’s rights, etc. Provide a reference to the new story you find. Then in 300 words critically analyse the new story by answering the following questions. Write in paragraphs. Include a word count at the end.
• What justice issue or issues are raised? What does the article say about it? • How does the article deal with the justice issues? Does it take a stand on them? • What claims or arguments are made? Are those claims or arguments plausible? • Are there any problems with the article? • Does the article relate to any of the theories of justice we are looking at in the unit?
Important Note: you should use these questions to guide and structure your analysis of the article. You do not necessarily have to answer each and every question or answer them in order. Do NOT structure your response in a question and answer format. Use these question to guide your response. Write in paragraphs.
An example is given on the next page.
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