Intro to Criminology class


After you watch the Aileen Wuornos: Serial Killer video, choose a criminological theory (or two) that you think apply to her story and write 2-4 paragraphs applying the concepts of the theory (theories) to her story.  You should not have a hard time choosing one or two theories.  Please discuss the theory in detail being sure to hit on all the points or concepts of the theory.  Use class lecture notes, power point slide presentations, your text book or any other source you like.  If you use an outside source, be sure that it is one of the theories that we discussed in this class.  The length of your assignment will depend on the theory that you choose and how you discuss it.  Please note that you will be graded on your thouroughness of covering the ideas behind the theory and how you relate it to Aileen’s story.  You may find that not every piece of your theory of choice applies in Aileen’s story.  If this is the case, mention that and discuss how it does not apply to her story.  Remember, theories are not perfect and cannot be expected to fit every situation completely and elegantly.

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