international management strategy analysis

Using Spain and Canada and these Readings:

You are a member of a global team, part of which is located in the United States, with the remainder located in foreign countries. You have just been made the team lead of a group that will oversee an investment venture abroad.
consider how your team will evaluate the cultural, political, legal, and social implications with regard to negotiating and marketing using big data to understand financial transparency, business risks, organization design, and strategic alliances in international investment ventures.
This assignment will help you complete the international management strategy analysis portion of the final project. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Marketing
1. Cultural Considerations
i. Social Structure: Consider consumer values, cultural norms, family roles, and so on. How do these elements impact consumer behavior and what strategies can you use to address them on a global scale?
ii. Communication: Analyze verbal and nonverbal factors in marketing that could impact delivery of message in a global capacity. Be sure to consider not only verbal language differences, but also things like technology, body language differences, and communication practices that may differ.
2. Data Analysis
i. Data Collection: What methods should be used to collect market data? What are some useful resources?
ii. Strategic Data Usage: Outline how data will help you make strategic decisions. What is its relevancy to marketing decisions?
II. Finance and Accounting
1. Transparency: Why and how will you ensure transparency of transactions, including financial, and ethical practice throughout the project?
2. Business Forecasting: How can various forecasts impact decisions? Consider sales and demand forecasting, for example.
3. Financial Risks: How is data leveraged to identify fraud and other accounting and financial risks?
III. Operations
1. Research and Development: Consider ethical challenges in the area of research and development. These will vary per industry, but consider the
impact to individuals and society—for example, clinical trials, new technology, legal ramifications, and so on.
2. Operation Management: What strategies could be utilized to determine and ensure optimal output? Consider inventory issues, production,
pricing, and so on.
Included are completed papers.

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