Internal Communication

Three parts, to be submitted electronically.

1) Write a 2000 word ‘white paper’ advising a new chief executive of your company on either the challenges facing her (details below) or how meaningful internal communications objectives can be set and measured.
2) A ‘dossier’ of evidence and examples, like an appendix.
3) A 400-500 executive summary of the white paper, briefing her on the key points ready for your first meeting with her.

You will be expect to demonstrate how you

1)Critically evaluate the ways in which organisations might approach internal communications as part of a Public Relations strategy and in particular one related to change management.
2)Understand critically the management issues concerned with internal communications
3)Propose appropriate applications of employee communication solutions
White Paper Brief

With reference to theoretical models and real life examples, advise a new transformational leader on the internal communication challenges of taking over a large, geographically disparate chain of middle-market women’s clothes shops.

She has been recruited to turn round its lacklustre performance after she made a failing bargain fashion chain highly profitable but slashing costs. Her fierce reputation precedes her and the staff at your company are demoralised and nervous about potential cuts and redundancies. However you’ve gathered from colleagues on her interview panel that her plan is to take the company up market and improve service.

As head of internal communications, prepare a white paper on :
How to set and measure meaningful internal communications objectives, both online and offline.


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