Inter-state war is an anachronism

1. Inter-state war is an anachronism’. Discuss this statement with reference to the post-Cold War security environment.
2. Why is high technology seen as the antidote to the ‘fog of war’? Discuss with reference to the US-led Revolution in Military Affairs.
3. How does the ‘peaceful rise’ of China challenge the US command of the commons?
4. Is the UK a global military power?
5. ‘COIN is nothing but grand tactics’. Discuss this critique of counterinsurgency with reference
to recent coalition campaigns in EITHER Iraq OR Afghanistan.
6. Why do states outsource to private military companies?
7. Should non-governmental organisations be integrated into a civil-military Comprehensive
8. What are the prospects for nuclear non-proliferation in the 21st century?
9. Analyse the emergence and achievements of regional defence and security cooperation in
EITHER southeast Asia OR Africa.
10. Analyse the utility of neorealism for explaining military change.

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