Inclusive Education: Critical Reflection

Critical Reflection: total of 500 words.

Question 1 (250 words):
Imagine you have just commenced work in an early years setting. You are focused on getting to know the children and families and building relationships in order to enable you to effectively fulfill your role. One of your colleagues (who is not qualified to make a diagnosis) is very concerned that a family in the setting are ‘in denial’ about their child. The child does not have a label (although the family do see a pediatrician), but your colleague is “sure the child has autism”. The family are very supportive of the child and keen to assist in anyway possible to ensure their child’s genuine inclusion, but are not interested in labelling their child.
Drawing on the lecture and problematising the labelling and the concept of denial, explore this situation and consider why the family might not wish to have their child labelled, where the difficultly lies in this situation and how you would approach the situation going forward.
References to use:
1. CHAPTER 3 (attached)
Cologon, K. (Ed.) (2014). Inclusive education in the early years*: Right from the start. South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.
2. Lecture (attached)

Question 2 (250 words):
Facilitating diversity and inclusion through children’s books
Discuss how children’s books may be used to help reduce barriers to doing and barriers to being.


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