Illness in literature

Compare using the given guide to reading and explicating a poem

Complete a focused analysis of “Duty” by Schiedermayer, & “There is no such thing as the moment of death” by Krysl..


Examine the use of setting to explore themes and conflicts related to physical illness.  Analyze the use of tone, point of view, tropes, and form/style and in the concluding paragraphs, connect your analysis to Sontag’s argument about the use of illness as metaphors.

Discuss the positive and negative reasoning for using narrative medicine.

Use textual evidence to clarify and illustrate your arguments.


SOURCES: Use 1-2 critical sources for this paper. Make sure that:

the sources are from academic books or peer-reviewed journals and that they are acknowledged properly, using MLA format

at least 80% of the analysis represents your own thinking


LENGTH: 1200 words (MLA format: size 12, double-spaced) plus a Works Cited page

FORMAT: Typed, double-spaced, on 8 1/2″ x 11″ typing paper; margins for text should be approximately 1″ to 1 1/2″ on top and left sides and 1″ on bottom and right; pages stapled together.

CITATIONS: Use the new MLA (Modern Language Association) documentation style. Include a Works Cited sheet at the end of your paper.


EVALUATION CRITERIA (listed in order of importance): Consult the syllabus about the evaluation criteria for formal papers.

Order of importance:

Familiarity with the texts and critical engagement—depth, thoughtfulness, attention to significant detail;

use of secondary sources (integration into the argument; adequate citations)

grammar, mechanics


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