Prof Greg decided to leave academia and go back into the real world. He just promoted you to his Learning & Development Manager position. Our company is a full service insurance company that is located in Baltimore. We are growing rapidly and need to develop a supervisor training program for the entire company including senior management. We have about 150 supervisors. We have to integrate people into our culture and build a leadership culture that is based on engagement, empowerment, and innovation. In the past, we have sent our supervisors to public seminars and conferences. But we want to build an internal program that is learner- centered rather than event driven so that our supervisors are constantly improving. This program should be comprehensive. The content will need to address the culture, ‘soft skills’ (e.g. conflict and change management, communication, etc) as well as process/procedural skills (e.g. writing a budget or a performance review).

You are meeting with VP Greg next week. He would like you to write an essay of 1200 words on what methodologies you would use to implement the leadership development program for the meeting and how they fit the scenario. Please stick to the word count and focus on what you would see as best practices considering what you know about training so far in the class. Also, please give me an issue that you might encounter in implementing the program and how you would overcome it. (1200 Words)

The program needs credibility so – – you should include a couple of paragraphs in the essay about how you would evaluate the training. Note: the two goals of your evaluation should be: 1) improving the training, as well as 2) reporting back to senior management about its success. (175 words)

As always, you do not need to include a title page – – just put your name at the top of the page and give me some great ideas that you can present to the executives. Cite Blanchard when necessary in the body of the essay. Other sources should be cited accordingly


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