You are asked to develop a HR strategy for an organization of your choice suggesting ways in which HR policies and practices might add value to the business. Your plan should include a discussion of the following:

Introduction (600 words). In this section you should provide background information for your chosen organisation and any challenges it is currently facing. Examples of areas you may wish to consider may include the history, location, size, ownership structure (public/private), sector, market share, number employed and skill requirements.

Main body (2,000 words). This should be formed of a detailed structured plan which should include an evaluation of the following areas

a) Recruitment and selection.
b) Training and development
c) Performance management and rewards.
The aim of in this section is to apply theory from this module to an organisation which you are familiar. It is expected that the plan will demonstrate clear internal alignment between practices and provide an indication of how diversity management initiatives can be integrated into them. You will be required to adequately justify your selected strategy and ensure that your proposals are academically underpinned. It is therefore expected that you should support your points with evidence and theoretical argument.

Conclusion (400 words). In this section you should summarise your key arguments and identify obstacles to implementation and indicate how these might be overcome


Answers MUST take account of relevant theory and contemporary examples of best practice from the field of HRM.

Answers MUST take into account the cost implications and possible implementation problems of new policies that are recommended (for example, would it be cost effective to use assessment centers to select all staff?).

Answers MUST justify any suggested changes to existing HR practices

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