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How to write a presentation

Writing normal presentations

Presentation are sued to assess the presentation and speaking skills of students. A good presentation should have one slide for two minutes of presentations. A presentation represents a main idea in the format “what” “why” “how”.

The first part “what” describes the key message of the presentation. The message should be in summary or include short headings.

The second part “why” answers the questions that the audience may have from the first part. The section provides relevant information and in some cases, factual data.

The third section “how” emphasizes on telling the audience how they should react to the presentation. Offer several recommendations.

Structure is also important in presentations. People are attracted to smart or attractive presentations.

Presentations with speaker notes

Sometime it’s important to have reference notes. They contain further information regarding concepts in the main presentations. In essence, the assist the presenter explains crucial points from an informed perspective. Also, the audience can get a chance to see the sources of the information for a later read!

Speaker notes have key backup points and are fully referenced. The presenter can thus mention names of authors in during presentations to prove his or her knowledge on the subject. It is highly advisable to have speaker notes.