How to Make Delicious Apple Powder

More quantity than the average fruit rich in apple, help metabolism off excess salt.Malic acid can prevent metabolic heat, lower body fat.As for the soluble fiber pectin, can solve constipation.Pectin can promote gastrointestinal emissions of lead, mercury, mn, regulate the body’s blood sugar level, rising and dropping drastically prevent blood sugar.

Today, we are not going to talk about knowledge about apple powder related to health care, but we are heading to tell you a good way to make fresh apple juice powder at home, here are the few steps below.

First thing you should prepare is an apple. Cut the apple to half of it, and cavern the apple pulp out to make it a container. Make sure there is no hole in the bottom, or the nutrition will run off.

Then carve the handless cup of apple into zigzag, or you can shape it by eat it so.

After preparing for the apple container, you need put some materials into it. Put the brewed tremella, lotus seeds, beans, apple pulp into the handless cup, then spray the Chinese wolfberry and pour the roses syrup. Next, steam it with boiling water for 10 minutes, after it is cooling, spray lotus powder to make it smell wonderful.

Making delicious apple powder seems simple to everyone at home. You can make it for your family or you can make it for your friends as a present. There are also some things you should note that it is good for your health when you eat the apple powder before having lunch 15 to 30 minutes. We are glad that you can drop by Pureherbextact, if anything about making apple powder you want to know, just contact us or like us on Pureherbextarct Facebook.

Apple’s nutritional value is high, but eating apple should pay attention to eat slowly, if an apple can eat 15 minutes, the apple of organic acid and tartaric acid can kill the bacteria in the mouth.Therefore, slowly eating apples, may be more beneficial to human body health.
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