How the First Apple Macintosh Came to Be.

Especially the bibliography and endnotes and annotated reference

Each paper should be 1500-2000 words-long (endnotes, bibliography and appendices, if any, are not included in this count), double-spaced, and typed using 12 p. size Times New Roman fonts. Except for the title page, all other pages should be numbered.

All notes and references should appear as endnotes (as opposed to footnotes). In addition to the endnotes, you should have an Annotated References section. This section summarizes in a few lines each of the sources you have cited or referred to in your paper, and explains why they were important for your research. If you use a source that exists only on the Web, you must also explain why that particular source should be considered as reliable.

All citations and references must follow the specifications of the Chicago Manuscript Format Style the details of which are summarized in A guide to Chicago or Turabian
Documentation Style. The guide is posted as a PDF document at
Each final paper will have a cover page, the main text consisting of introduction, body, and conclusions, endnotes, and annotated references. Appendices are optional. The endnotes and the annotated references will be printed on separate pages.

The first Apple Macintosh introduced in January 1984 constituted a milestone in the history of computers but how did it come to be? Whose idea was it and how did that original idea evolve? Who were the main figures who brought about the Mac and how did they work as
a team? How did the public receive the first Mac? What is the historical significance of the first Mac? Are there any lessons to be learned from its development?

Marking Criteria

Marking criteria include: thesis or research question statement, background or history, presentation of issues and various points of view, quality of argument and analysis (principles, examples, counter examples), structure/organization, clarity of writing, sufficient references, sufficient length, originality, adherence to the Chicago style, endnotes
and bibliography. You should define terms where necessary. Be sure to thoroughly read and edit your final draft before handing it in.

General Advice

Start early in case you have to change topics or find a new interviewee or activity. If youwait until late in the year, you might discover that the information on your topic and/or the person you want to interview are/is unavailable. Investigate the topic. Use scholarly books and articles and whenever possible on-line material.
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