How ones outlook on life is affected by ones personal lens

Complete at least two demonstration tests on the website: and consider how your outlook on life is affected by your personal lens.

To access the demonstration tests:

1. Go to the Teaching Tolerance web site listed above.

2. Go to “Take Project Implicit’s Hidden Bias Tests, click here.

3. Read “Preliminary Information”, and click on “I wish to proceed”.

4. Select two demonstration tests and complete them.

For this assignment, write a two-part (500–750 words) reflective essay about your worldview and how it affects your intercultural communication. Thoughtfully address how you can learn more about yourself and others in order to be an effective communicator.

Part 1- In the first section, attentively describe how you answered the questions that clarify a person’s worldview found in “What is a Christian Worldview?”. Answer the questions in depth.

Part 2- In the second section, thoughtfully reflect on how you think your worldview has, does, or may affect your intercultural communication by considering the following:

1. Discuss specifically what you learned about yourself in the process of doing the implicit preference tests.

2. Describe ethnocentrism. How has this belief affected your worldview?

3. Describe stereotypes. How are stereotypes different from prejudices?

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