Hiphop Dance form


Please attached the works cited page!!!

5 full pages research report on the dance form with reference the related cultural and artistic influences.

Research into a dance form and the ART environment that was concurrent with its development. The environment can include historical, cultural, and religious information.

Discuss the large cultural context of the form and how it fits into its culture. What are the environmental, social, artistic and cultural influences? Be sure to describe the dance and its different elements. Also, discuss the dancer in the form. Who are they, how do they learn, what part of the society do they represent?

Sources can be books, articles, internets, and include, but not limited to video documentaries, interviews and/or field work.

“A” Paper: well organized and written. Address topic from dance symbol point of view and covers the historical/cultural/artistic influences as well as aspects of the form itself in detail.

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