Health Care Management A1

Leadership competencies are among the many important topics discussed in the chapters read in this module. Below is a list of 20 leadership and management skill areas.

1. Patient-, family-, and community-centeredness
2. Knowledge of the health industry and responding/adapting to new developments
3. Leadership
4. Designing, Structuring, prioritizing and coordinating work to be done
5. Accomplishing goals by working through a diversity of others (e.g., diversity of professional levels, skills/knowledge/abilities, multicultural)
6. Professionalism, ethics, passion, compassion, and integrity
7. Communication (oral, written, listening), responsiveness, and trust-building
8. Motivating, coaching, training, developing, supervising, and handling multiple simultaneous responsibilities
9. Strategic planning
10. Relationship management and teamwork
11. Analytical/critical thinking and decision-making
12. Conflict management, negotiation, and resolution
13. Organizational analysis and improvement
14. Change management
15. Crisis management
16. Financial management and raising/managing capital
17. Computer skills and information management
18. Project management
19. Recruiting, retaining, applying, compensating, and evaluating human resources
20. Stress management

applying the list f 20 management and leadership skills areas, evaluate roles that organizational leaders you know have played (positively and negatively) in influencing organizational culture, performance, and change.
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