Hi there, I will upload some files in my account, they are some reading materials(articles). Since this is not a research paper, You are NOT allowed to use any other sources besides these articles or PPTs. Please read all the reading materials(articles) and assignment requirement that I gave you carefully BEFORE you start writing this paper!!
Also, I gave my last assignment essay to you as an example, please see it in attached files. My professor always focuses on DETAILs, so please please make the thesis clear and use strong evidence from the articles to support your arguments. Be sure that you must cite everything from the articles.(I just choose “Chicago style” and “4 references” above randomly, please read the paper requirement in the attached files carefully and you are free to change these things) If you still have something unclear, contact me ASAP.
For this essay, I’m thinking you could write something about the production about “GU WENDA” and “XU BING”. If you have some better ideas, Please email me first, I’m happy to hear something from you. Its not only an Art & Architecture class, but also an art history class, this paper is very important to me, I hope that we could have more contact if you have any question. (PS: the citation page and the image page are not into the essay page count, but you do need the citation page and the image page)

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